Internship Journal – 4

During my internship i got to learn more about the way business interact with each other when it comes to making deals. The pub is expanding its beer tap selection and as such are looking for offers regarding those new positions. I have attended a meeting between the representative from Carlton United Breweries and the […]

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Internship journal – 3

Part of my duties during my internship was to come up with new events for the hotel. In no way was i being original when i suggested a ‘movie night’ held outside in the beer garden. Many other hotels around Sydney and indeed the world, already implement this idea. That being said, Tuesday night was […]

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Internship journal – 2

One of the things i was excited about prior to starting my internship, was to take over the social media for the hotel. My plan was to use humour to promote deals and offers, creating the illusion that the hotel was not trying to sell you something. Just as i had finished my first idea […]

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Internship Journal – 1

The Iron Duke Hotel partnered with Young Henry’s to design a T-shirt. The shirts would be paid for by YH and would serve to promote both brands. YH regularly partner with local pubs to help promote their brand through art. It is a very intelligent tactic of ‘soft-sell’ advertising and compliments the brands values. My […]

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Ad miss-hap

I was up late again last night feeding my addiction to my Xbox one and my favourite game, Overwatch. Mcdonalds wrappers and crumbs surrounded me in my dimly lit room as i vanquished the noobs on the opposing team. Halfway through a game and just when my ultimate was about to reach 100%, the unthinkable […]

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KFC – Killing For Copyright

The KFC logo is known world over. Much like the Mcdonalds golden arches, it symbolises the most un-nutritional nourishment known to man. But by god does it taste good on the way in. My own experiences with KFC ended a couple of years ago on a somewhat sour note (imagine a fire hose spraying gravy) […]

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